Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas that is cooled to the temperature at which natural gas becomes a liquid, which is about -260 degrees Fahrenheit. LNG is cooled to a liquid state for the purpose of shipping and storage. This process makes it possible to transport natural gas to places pipelines do not reach and to use natural gas as a transportation fuel. LNG is naturally clear, non-toxic and odorless. LNG tanks are fuel efficient and light, making LNG ideal for many virtual pipeline applications. Explore the potential for Marlin Gas Services to supply LNG to meet your needs.

Benefits of LNG

LNG is a very clean and very affordable fuel source. With an energy consumption of 300 kW at the gas conditioning stage and 400kW at the liquefaction stage, this process offers one of the lowest energy consumption levels in the market. Since the transfer of LNG to storage tanks can be completed without the use of pumps, LNG also provides easy and fast loading while reducing site space requirements.

LNG versus CNG

In order to maximize the amount of energy delivered and stored on-site for natural gas virtual pipeline operations, natural gas is either liquefied (LNG) compressed (CNG) and loaded into specially designed transport trailers. The choice between CNG or LNG depends on many variables, including proximity to the supply source, regional commodity pricing, local permitting requirements, customer usage patterns and storage requirements, customer pressure and flow requirements, and equipment footprint restrictions.

Emergency Service

Marlin Gas Services is currently acquiring the equipment to support high flow requirements of larger diameter pipelines, utility peaking services and large industrial applications. By providing small-scale Distributed LNG Production, we are able to expand the reach of LNG infrastructure, and deliver LNG for immediate consumption to the markets that will most benefit.

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Our Commitment to Safety

Marlin Gas Services’ OQ trained staff and comprehensive safety training ensures the safety of your facility and your employees. Our Company maintains a perfect safety record, with no OSHA recordable accidents or other safety incidents over the life of Marlin. We also offer 24/7/365 monitoring through a satellite GPS system that sends continuous measures of pressure, temperature, CNG volume and location.

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